If you were in actor playing your character in life, the Director of the play or the screenplay (with all the information) would be the Akashic Records…

The Akashic Records are the highest Source of information to know about one's life, here and now.
Why did you chose this life ? What is your purpose ? Why are you facing these specific challenges ? What are you supposed to do now in your life ? Why are you with this partner ? These are some of the questions that can be answered during an Akashic Reading Session.

One can see the Akashic Records as an
energetic library with all the information about your soul. It is a sacred place and it is protected by the Lords of the Records.

It is very spiritual but you don't need to believe in anything to have access to your Records. You just have to be
present with real questions and not just curiosity.

We go very High ! You will be shown the best version of yourself and all that you could do in this life. It is very uplifting ! So be ready for a shift in your life, in your perception and also for some healing as accessing the Akashic Records does also bring some healing energy, if needed.

There are two types of session.
60 minutes session with only the Reading of your Akashic Records;
And a
90 minutes session with approximately a 60 minutes Reading of your Akashic Records and 30 minutes of Channeling. The 90minutes session is more complete as often topics are raised in the Records but can only be answered through Channeling, so to have a more down to Earth perspective.
Also, often during a Reading deceased loved ones appear but their messages can only be shared through channeling.

Online session by appointment.
A 60 min Session or a 90 min session.