After Life Communication session
During the session I receive a clear communication with deceased loved one(s).

We come into contact with a deceased one, human or animal, receive messages and have news from them.

It is quite powerful and uplifting. We are so overwhelmed by grief that we often think it is going to be a very heavy session. In fact it is completely the opposite. The deceased one(s) will share with you their wisdom and as they now live in a realm of full Joy and Love they will bring you another vision of their lives and of yours. Humans or animals !

A session regarding deceased one can happen only if they want to communicate. It will be decided after you contact me with your request and I will then be able to inform you if the session can happen or not and if you can book.
Online session by appointment.
A 60 session
I am required by law to say that my sessions are for entertainment purpose only.
Disclaimer - All sessions are simply meant to be taken as guidance. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result of my sessions.